Grass-fed and grass-finished on our species-rich meadows, our cattle (free from GM feed) receive no growth hormones or antibiotics. The calves remain in the family herd suckling on their mother’s milk until weaned and grazing at around 9 months. In contrast, intensively farmed calves are removed from their mothers and fed on ‘milk replacement’. Even beef from intensively farmed cattle labelled 'grass-fed' are only fed ryegrass for a limited period, prior to ‘fattening’ on ‘concentrates’ made from imported, genetically-modified (GM) soya, maize, oils. Our cattle feed only on our organic grass. We guarantee our beef is free from the effects of GM feeds; and of residues from pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones and artificial fertilizers.

Ageing is the refrigerated storage of Sides and Primal Cuts without protective packaging. This allows the natural enzymatic and biochemical processes that result in improved tenderness and flavor to take place. During this process the beef loses 20% of its water content, concentrating the flavors and greatly reducing shrinkage on cooking. In contrast, industrial beef is either not aged (saves time and money) or wet-aged in plastic vac-pacs (eliminates water-weight losses).

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