For the past 10 years Rosemary has been a'courting earth-based skills and heritage arts as a way to re- indigenising our souls to place through land stewardship, earth connection and working with the wisdom of the Earth to create Beauty. She believes that creating beautiful useful art with our hands is a vital aspect of mental health. Rosemary primarily has dedicated her adult life to exploring the Ancient Art of willow basketry, although she has studied traditional leather tanning, shoe making, fiber arts (felting), natural dying, and sewing. She has traveled extensively over the Isle of Ireland to study with willow basket makers in every corner. She now weaves for love, commissions and markets, teaching in the cooler, slower months.

Traditional Frame Gathering Basket with Brigid's Cross
10.00 - 17.30 Sunday 10th March 2019 
Booking: Tel Rosemary 089 258 3226

In this course we will weave a traditional harvesting frame basket, These baskets are made on a hoop made from 8' willows, thus the frame is very strong and the result very classy and beautiful. I will be making the hoops for each participant to accommodate the time constraints of a one day class and to ensure that they are well seasoned (dry) before weaving. The course fee reflects this extra preparation. Everyone leaves the day with their very own basket and a set of skills to apply to future work or different mediums!
Cost €90, includes organic lunch, teas & coffees
Course limited to 6 people

Traditional Frame 'Bum' Baskets
10.00 - 17.30 Sunday 31st March 2019 
Booking: Tel Rosemary 089 258 3226

These baskets are always a joy to make, and with many versatile uses through harvesting baskets, vessels for fruit and veg, hanging storage baskets the options feel endless! In this course, I prepare a range of colorful homegrown willow to allow us to play around with designs and appreciate the colorful ways of our heritage varieties of willow. Everyone leaves the day with their very own basket!Cost €90, includes organic lunch, teas & coffees
Course limited to 6 people

Each course includes an organic lunch of vegetarian soup and fresh bread with butter, participants are encouraged to bring a side dish to share. The course includes all materials (organically grown and hand-harvested by yours truly) and all tools necessary. Of course, everyone will go home with their own unique basket! The location of our course is in the beautiful hills outside Clonakilty at Camus Farm. If you are traveling from far there is accommodation options on site, please contact Camus Farm through their website if you are interested in this option. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space for the course. This can be paid through bank transfer, check or cash. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, either through replying to this or my mobile of 089 258 3226.